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INTERCO Cosmetics GmbH

We combine traditional values with innovative products.

Since our incorporation in 1959, we have been one of the leading beauty providers for private labels. We develop individual, customized products and quality concepts for decorative and care cosmetic brands. We work globally with trade chains, drugstores and perfumeries as well as personalities from fashion, social media, television and entertainment.

As a long-standing, reliable company with a long tradition we stand for high standards and fair prices. With our quest for excellence we are contributing professionally the range of services offered by DR. NEUBERGER GROUP.

Product Categories



    From lip liner to lipstick – our lip products are developed utilizing years of experience for optimum color results, viscosity and durability.


    Together with our clients or according to their specification, we create long-lasting and strong products for eye makeup, e. g. eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner.


    Impeccable complexion for every skin type. Many years of experience, attention to detail and our own quest for high standards are the basis of our varied makeup.


    We guarantee the best possible nail care and beautification thanks to the use of safe ingredients and manufacturing processes.


    Our accessories put the finishing touch and are subject to strict quality controls and the highest safety standards.


    For all our care products – whether lips, eyes, face or nail – we set high standards in quality and product formulation.
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  • Quality

    Customized product quality: We support your product development according to your individual visions and requirements for standards and quality specifications. In doing so, we set a high value on a consistently high quality – whether at the entry level price, in masstige & prestige or certified natural cosmetics.
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    • Natrue
    • Vegan Society
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    Our service to you

      Development & Design

      • Trendscouting
      • Target group definition
      • Brand naming
      • Logo development
      • Design development
      • Packaging design and choice of color

      Legal and Regulatory

      • Quality assurance and quality analysis
      • Checking the marketability and safety of products
      • Creating safety reports and product information files
      • Performing CPNP notification
      • Patent research
      • Documentation

      Supply Chain Management

      • Demand planning and logistics
      • EDI-compatible merchandise management system
      • Production, packaging and storage
      • Part service to full service partner

      POS and Marketing

      • Product placement at the POS
      • Control of the entire value chain
      • Development of counters and display concepts

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  • Our Story

    By taking over the brand “KRON 1959”, INTERCO Cosmetics started a decades-long, impressive company history. As the first European manu­facturer of Private Labels in the field of decorative cosmetics, the company is still specialized in mer­chandising of innovative, decorative and nourishing cosmetic products for perfumeries, drug­stores, licenses and fashion labels.

    The history of INTERCO Cosmetics begins in 1932. Its founder, Werner Schröder, is still the sales manager at the hygiene article manu­facturer Blendax GmbH. With the appointment of Blendax as Managing Director, Werner Schröder brings his son Jürgen into the company. Together they build up the young company INTERCO Cosmetics next to their day-to-day business and lay the foun­dation for a family business that lasts until today. The year 1959 finally marks the official founding date and the beginning of the INTERCO Cosmetics success story.

    By taking over the brand KRON 1959, INTERCO Cosmetics is expanding its distri­bution into well-known trading houses such as Karstadt, Horten, Hertie, Merkur as well as Woolworth. The promotional presentation of the products lies with the sister company – the IC Service Group. Due to the growing aware­ness and the accom­panying triumphal procession of the own brand, the family business INTERCO Cosmetics gains more and more product and trade expertise. The original marketing concept of KRON 1959 concentrates not only on sales at the POS but also in cooperation with the IC Group on rackjobbing – the sorting of products in the department stores.

    Thanks to its success, INTERCO Cosmetics is gaining other strong own brands: Misslyn, the specialist in hand and nail care solu­tions, arti­ficial eye­lashes and nails, is the first up­market niche retail brand. Shortly there­after, another professional for cosmetics in the entry level price segment adds to the port­folio: uma – united makeup artists. With these two brands, INTERCO Cosmetics is shifting its focus from Private Label business to brand business.

    The 2000s initiate a change in the German trade market and mark the gradual decline of department stores. This also emerges a turning point in INTERCO Cosmetics' history: With the inclusion of Schlecker as a customer and the launch of its exclusive Private Label brand [basic], one of the major drugstore chains becomes INTERCO Cosmetics' first trading partners. Other own brands are dis­continued or outsourced.

    Through the subsequent insolvency of Schlecker in den 2010s, the INTERCO Cosmetics strengthen its Private Label business: With the acquisition of further well-known customers, the company will once again reflect on its roots and the combination of traditional values with new, innovative products. By admit­tance to the Dr. Neuberger Group in 2017, INTERCO Cosmetics is taking its next big step in a long-standing, successful company history, which is one of a kind.

    INTERCO Cosmetics GmbH
    Biebricher Allee 36
    65187 Wiesbaden

    Tel. +49 611 97 819 60
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